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five days and fed up. >> it gets really old. this is like the third world of montgomery county. >> thousands of people facing another day without power. an update on where restoration efforts stand this morning. >> and the show must go on. friday's storms forced many cities to cancel the july 4th celebrations but not here in our nation's capital. fox 5 morning news continues right now. all right. good morning to you. live look outside. ments wednesday, july 4th as we get ready to celebrate the birthday of the nation way lot of fireworks and a lot of celebrations all over the city. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. thank you for watching.
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before we get to the fourth of july information, frustrations continue for those still without power. five days now since friday's violent storm. here a look at the latest outage numbers for you. pepco is reporting more than 57,000 customers without power. more than 37,000 dominion virginia customers are still in the dark. and bge is reporting more than 36,000 outages in montgomery, prince george's, anne arundel and howard counties. the storms that rolled through your area last night, we had some again last night, they forced u.s. capitol police to evacuate the west lawn of the capitol identify short time. rehearsals were being held for tonight's capitol 4th concert. thins started back up again shortly after 10:30. if you plan to head out to the mall for tonight's july 4th celebration, your bet bet is to make metro. if you are driving though, keep in mind, there are lots of road closures and parking restrictions. there is a full list on under web links. time to get the latest on the weather. can you believe who we have
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sitting next to us. >> it has been a while. >> tony perkins. >> see if we can get this done in a rather smooth manner. >> i'm sure we can. >> tucker is on his way to nationals park. he will be there broadcasting later on in the show. of a got the weather duty. and tell you about a for you la today too. so we'll watch the skies, keep our fingers crossed. let's start with hd radar. we can show you what is happening out there as we speak. we do have some showers up to the north. they're really breaking autopsies the morning progresses. but if you live across portions of central and northern maryland and out in western maryland, you are seeing a little bit of shower activity. no thunderstorms. could a thunderstorm pop? it is getting less appear less likely as time goes by and most of this will dissipate before it hits the washington area. so that is what wear looking at this morning. -- so that is what we're looking at this morning. your humidity is up there, 69%. the breezes are out of the north and west at 10 miles per
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hour. today, we have a heat advisory that goes into effect at noon until 9:00 p.m. that is because it will feel like it is between 100 and 105 degrees with our actual high temperatures ranging from the mid to the upper 90s. so the forecast for today, partly sunny skies. i would say about a 30% chance of some scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours primarily. your high in town about 98. fredericksburg locking for a high of 100 degrees today. more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> smooth as butter. thank you. >> a rare treat here. let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> we are celebrating good times today. tony perkins. >> a blast from the past. >> it is fun to get back into it. >> i didn't know he knew how to do that. i thought he forgot. >> it is like riding abicycle. >> you never forget. >> good to see all of you on
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this independence day. out and about on the roads, you will fine hov restricts lifted with the exception of route 50 in maryland and our reversible roads such as canal road, clara barton parkway carrying two-way traffic this morning. an accident occurred shortly after 4:30 this morning. northbound traffic being diverted on to the outer loop of the beltway because of this crash scene. let me map out a couple of things for you. if you are traveling on the northbound side, you will find that the roadway is blocked here at the beltway. we just showed you some pictures from the scene. now, there is accident activity unrelated to the northbound crash blocking southbound baltimore-washington parkway at powder mill road. so again, now coming out of columbia and jessup, you will be diverted off at powder mill because of accident activity on the southbound side of the highway.
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better bet this morning is to stick with 59 or 29 as you travel to and from the district and baltimore. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. five days in and there are still many people without power across the region. >> pep kosovo set to update its time line to get all customers back online. melanie alnwick is live in bethesda with the latest. mel, just a quick question for you. is this the same neighborhood where you were yesterday where they're still waiting? >> no, it is not the same neighborhood but it is not far from there. although we did -- my photographer lives close to the neighborhood we were in yesterday. he said as of this morning, he drove by and still no work had been done there. we'll try to get an update and check on that for you. it is the same situation. these are really difficult situations here. the power pole behind me, see that drum? that is a transformer. that transformer is what is
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going to be causing some of the difficult clean-up. there i man toxic chemicals inside that transformer. the power company representatives who have been out here take talking to neighbors say the clean00 of that is one those tricky and difficult situations that could be going on for a allot of time. we wanted to let you know also that montgomery county has some things open today that they had not planned on. mid county and white oak r cre. centers open today. bethesda and wheaton libraries also open today. the germantown aquatic center. not only are people dealing with power out ans but there are a lot of people in montgomery county now coming into n. to work on their holiday to provide services for those people who do not have power. the situation similar all throughout the county. in rockville's manor neighborhood, there are still utility poles down. dark traffic signals adding to the swags. a big tree canopy in the neighbors is becoming a
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liability. some people who spent a four day in the dark decided to take their frustrations out by making signs and putting them out on river road. maryland governor martin o'malley is asking resident without power to please contact the power company again. >> now that 75% of people would suffered outages have been restored by pepco and bge, we now need for citizens to call the utility companies and let them know that your house is still out. we are now getting down to that point where it is that granular and the more sort of crowd sourcing, crowd feedback that bge and pepco receive, the better able they will be to diagnose where the outages are still occurring. >> reporter: the bulk of the remaining outages in state again still in baltimore county, anna republican del county, prince george's county
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and montgomery county. pepco says it has add the another 1,000 personnel to the restoration effort. -- anne arundel county. hopefully, we'll see them starting to pick up the speed of the repairs. >> let's hope. a look at the morning's other top stories is coming up next. >> fox 5 morning news will be back in just a moment. stay with us.  matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters.
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i'm barack obama, and i approved this message.
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a look at the morning's other top stories. aoninsofar night fire claims a life in southeast. a fire broke out in the apartment building in the 1600 block of 17th street. that was around 1:30 this morning. fire officials have not yet told us anything about the age or gender of the victim. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. vestigatio a risky move from some metro passengers that was caught on camera. this is the video you are looking at. they claimed out of a railcar and walked on to the tracks. this happened after a train broke down outside the college park station yesterday. we're told one passenger hit
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the emergency button and got out. a few others followed suit trying to walk to the station. the train was eventually pushed into the station. metro is hooking into why it broke down but also reminding passengers to never walk on the tracks. fox 5 meanwhile also monitoring metro this morning for some big news from metro. the loudoun county board of supervisors is jumping on board and will help pay for the extension of the silver line. the vote 5-4 in favor of helping fund phase two of the project to dulles airport and onto ashburn. when finished, the silver line will span 23 miles at a proinvestigated cost of $6 billion. next on fox 5 morning news, officials here in our area investigating claims ever price grog -- of price gouging at the pump after the storm. another day of scorching heat. will the skies stay clear for tonight's 4th of july celebration. tony has your full forecast
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when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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tv ledge end andy grief i go has died. he is best known for the 1960s tv class being, the andy grief you go show and later in his career, for the show matlock n a statement, president obama said griffith warmed the hearts of americans everywhere with the characters he played. andy griffith died tuesday at his home in north carolina. he was 86 years old. i used to love to watch the reruns of that. >> that whistle was class you can. i used to whistle that. >> a lot of talent. he was on broadway. he was in the movies as well. >> a long series, matlock that he did. >> and he did gospel music as well later on in life. >> the andy griffith show, that is iconic. >> absolutely.
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how is it locking outside? >> hot. although our temperature dropped off a degree during the last hour. it is 76 degrees. it will again become hot today. it is already huge you had. so more of the same. the heat wave continues. take a look. because of the projected heat for today with temperatures into the 90s, your heat index will be over 100 degrees and therefore we have a heat advisory that goes into effect at 12:00 noon. that heat advisory extend until 9:00 p.m. this evening. nothing new here. we are expecting later on today with the temperature in the mid- to upper 90s and the humidity, it will certainly feel like it is over 100 degrees. current temperatures around the region, here in the district, we've dropped off to 76-degree. it is 80 already in appear appear list. 79 down at quantico. 74 at dulles airport. out to the north and west in portions of maryland, it is in the 60s. that is where we have seen some early morning shower activity.
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let me show you a look at the satellite-radar for the region. this overplays it a little bit because a lot of this is breaking up. i know this looks like we are about to get some rain in washington. a couple of you may see a shower or two here or there. this is breaking up and impacting western maryland and north central maryland. for us, our best chance of rain will be during the afternoon and evening hours. most of the country for your fourth of july is dry this morning. we continue to see some shower activity across the upper midwest and in the southwestern states. no rain in colorado where they desperately need it. the forecast for washington for today, i bet you could write this as easily as i could. partly sunny skies, hot appear humid. scattered thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and this evening. we are going with about a 30% chance of rain. your high today, 98 degrees. for tonight, for your fireworks, early thunderstorms are possible. can't rule them out. but i think most of the us will be dry and most of that activity should be wrapping up
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by firework time. warm and muggy overnight. 76-degree for your overnight low. five-day forecast, more of the same. tomorrow, another hot one. 98degrees. best chance of thunderstorm activity is actually today. friday, 100-degree. saturday, near 100. sunday, maybe some more scattered thunderstorms and 95 no your high. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. now, let's go to julie wright and get an update on the traffic. >> on the roads right now, you will find that we do have accident activity that is closing the beltway. for starter, let me take you northbound north of the beltway. the crash occurred back in the 4:00 hour. shortly after 4:30 to be exact. closing the ramp from the beltway and all traffic coming out of riverdale forced onto the outer loop of the beltway. accident activity occurred aunt greenbelt road. if you are traveling northbound, you can go no further from the beltway and you are forced on to the outer loop of the beltway. i've got another accident unrelated to this one on the northbound side which owe tired southbound at powder mill road. traffic coming southbound is being diverted off at powder mull at this time. so if you are traveling between
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baltimore and d.c. this morning, the best alternate for you would be 59 or 29. you do not want to commit to 295. it is shut down in each direct northbound a beltway, southbound just after powder mill road. hov restrictions lifted because it is a federal holiday. enjoy the ride along 270. 66, 95 and 395 where the lanes are open. no problems to report here on 95 out of lakeshore don and newington headed up to the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the washington regional alcohol program is offering its sober ride program this 4th of july from 10:00 tonight until 4:00 tomorrow mothering. they will cover cab fare, up to $30 to keep. paired drivers off the road. the number to call is 1-800-200- taxi taxi we'll have that information for you on myfoxdc.comen. coming up at #:00, we are talking with the president of the washington regional alcohol program. -- coming up at 8:00 up at 8:00 we've been hear a lot about this as well. officials in maryland are
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investigating claims of gas gouging across the state following friday's storm. the attorney general's office has received complaint coming in there areas including beltville, college park and arundel mills. there are reports that polices ranged from a quarter to 50 cents higher than normal. some scammers using the popular site yelp as an extortion tool. find out another good rope why you shouldn't believe what you read online -- find out another good reason why you shouldn't believe what you read onloan. >> both thomas jefferson and john adams died on independence day back in 1826. >> i did know that only from watching that mini series john adams and i found that fascinating. i had no idea until then. what a fun fact.
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july4th, what are the odds? >> eerie. back in a moment. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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you may have turned to one of those ratings web. to help you make a decision on everything from fining a dray to a salon for a place to eat. >> you shouldn't believe everything you read apparently. we have areport. >> we got this review from our extortionist and it is one star. >> sacramento restaurant owner sonny miyuba saw it coming. a naftaery rerue from a patron who claimed he got food poisoning and threatened a virtual takedown. >> i'm going to do a scathing review of you on yelp. if you buy me a $100 gift card to ella, you will save me from doing those tinges. >> reporter: he didn't pay a dikembe mutombo and customer's post didn't mention any food poisoning confirming his suspicions the accusation was false. >> there are jerks everywhere
6:26 am
in the offline world and in the online world. >> reporter: free speech advocate matt zimmerman says the proliferation of review web sites is giving rise for a new kind of cybercriminal, the extortionist who notes his post is a powerful megaphone. yelp allows people to flag questionable content. the yum's website touts special filters that protect against fake, shill or malicious reviews. but what about extortion. what should business owners do? zimmerman says the best solution isn't to pay and it isn't to file a lawsuit. rather, he suggests using social media platforms to plain that you are side of the story and work even harder to earn positive reviews. >> even if an ad is unfair, your business' you think more effective response is going to be to create a count are narrative online. >> reporter: some turn the
6:27 am
tables. when new york's joe doe invite people to try the worst meatball sandwich that one guy on yelp ever had in his life, the image went viral and sandwich sales soared. claudia cowan, fox news. >> you kind of feel for the business owner. they have to work extremely hard, extra hard to get your business. >> and to leer your reppation after something hike that. i also wonder about some of the positive one as well. when you have somebody who puts all -- -- >> was that the business owner? >> a late night round of storms forces an evacuation at rehearsals for one of the nation's biggest 4th of july celebrations. thousands of people will mark this holiday without power as we close in on day five of recovery from friday's storm. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. 
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back now with the latest look at the power outage numbers. pepco is reporting more than 57,000 customers without power. more than 37,000 dominion virginia customers are in the dark. bge is reporting more than 36,000 outages. they have a lot of work to be done. they've got a lot of trees to cut off lines. it is i lot more complicated than we think. >> that is true. >> ments a lot of work. >> we had the storms last night. i thought oh, please, no more trees. we heard something crash in the backyard. >> my heights flickered. i was like no, no, no. >> not again. >> but most folks -- i have no reports of anyone losing power because of last night's storms. now, do want to start with hd radar. there could be a little thunderstorm that could pop up
6:32 am
and we are seeing a little bit of activity now. just near frederick, maryland. he mentioned these showers in western and north central maryland, places like that. generally moving southward. there is some lightning associated with the storm which is generally moved from hagerstown down towards frederick, maryland. if you are traveling along 270 up in that area and if you are near frederick, particularly between frederick and hagerstown, there are a couple of spots of heavy rain and some lightning so a little bit of thunderstorm activity there. again, this is associated with a cold front. all of this should die down as the morning progresses but we'll keep our eyes on it for you. temperatures across the region, we are in the 70s. 76-degree here in washington. 79 in quantico. 72 in cull ander. annapolis is at 80 degrees and salisbury is at 81 degrees. there is the big picture. you can see the general motion of that precipitation but again, we do expect it to
6:33 am
dissipate for the most part before it gets to the washington area. -- 72 in culpeper. about a 30% chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. we will see muggy conditions. it will be warm. maybe a couple of showers or thunderstorms here or there. i think most of those wril wrap up before fireworks generally speaking at 9:00 or afterwards. temperatures will be in the mid- 80s. -- i think most of those will wrap up before fireworks. coming up, we have today's ask the weather guy question on u.s. citizenship. >> all right. very timely. >> time to hit the roads. >> we like to wade into the
6:34 am
pool at some point. >> not a bad idea. >> a lot of pooldz are still shut down because they don't have electricity so they can't get the filler and pump working that's why you got to have a slip and slide. a lot different when you are this age and you run and you slip then when you were like three or four. >> hurts more now, doesn't it? >> it does. it take a while to get up. on the roads right now, we have accident activity eastbound 7 before you reach percival. we do have accident activity on the baltimore-washington parkway both north and southbound. northbound traffic is blocked now at the beltway. accident activity occurred shortly after 4:30 this morning at greenbelt road. traffic coming northbound is forced onto outer loop of the beltway. if you are coming southbound on the baltimore-washington parkway, accident activity here
6:35 am
at powder mill coming in out of laurel. traveling between baltimore and d.c., your better bet is to stick with i-59 and use that as -- with i-95 and use that as your alternate. the clean-up continues. >> and so dot-com lant about not having power. melanie alnwick has the latest. >> reporter: we are here off of river road in bethesda. i am standing on nevis road and across from me is beach tree road. it is taped off here. can you not turn left or right depending on which side of river road you are coming on to to any of the side streets. it is a major intersection that still does not have power. still 94 intersections in the county without power. so you will run across situations like that as you go around. for many people, they are going to be spending their holiday
6:36 am
either working to help people or spending it without power as these situations like this all over the neighborhood, many of them still dealing with downed trees, damaged homes and cars as snarls messes of power lines. we are down about 10,000 from the first reports this morning, for those who are the last in hype, their patience has run out. >> it is too hot for this. it real will you is. >> every time you call on the phone, every time, they say we're sending somebody out. they said they had 800 people helping. where are they? >> reporter: well, where are they is a god question. now, they have more than 800 people helping. they did have to drive here from other states and more have come from the initial complement of people so pepco now has about 3,000 people altogether working on the restoration efforts. and some of those in call
6:37 am
crepeers taking the calls from the frustrated customers. back to you guys. >> thank you. another major problem with the storm, 911 calls in prince william county went down. it happened after a verizon facility lost power. >> there wasn't an effective back-up system. if there had been, this wouldn't have happened. the 911 system needs to be fail safe. it cannot happen n this region, it is not just a public safety concern. it's national security concern. verizon needs to get off their rear behinds this and fix this situation. it can never happen again. >> now, he also says that verizon needs a fail safe
6:38 am
backup situation but it will take cooperation from other you utilities for prevent this from happening again. metro says several passengers climbed out of a train and walked on to the track. this is video of it happening right here. it happened after a train broke down outside the college park metro station. we are told one passenger hit the emergency button and got out and then several others followed. the train was eventual will you pushed into the station. metro is looking into why it broke down but it is also reminding passengers to never walk on the tracks. fox 5 is monitoring metro for you and an update on the silver line. loudoun county board of supervisors is jumping on board the planned he can tense and will help pay for that extension of the line. the vote 5-4 in favor of helping fund phase two. the silver line will span 23 miles at a projected cost of $6 billion. billion. rehearsals on the west lawn
6:39 am
of the capitol last night for today's capitol 4th concert. it had to be vacked for a short time when a round of storms rolled through. now, big crowds are expected at the national mall for tonight's 4th of july celebration. coming up at 7:00, we are talking with the national park service for more on what rules you need to keep in mind if you plan to be a part of the party. ♪ it's too hot, too hot, baby. >> kool and the gang, they will be among the performers this year. coming up at 9:00, none other than robert kool bell himself will be joining us. he started the whole group. >> another big name in music in town this 4th of july. country superstar brad paisley will help president and mrs. obama at a salute at the white
6:40 am
house today. the u.s. marine band will also perform. mitt romney will take part in a parade in new hampshire today. he and his family are in the area on vacation right now and yesterday, romney met with top advisors. om knee's aide in charge of overseeing his vp pick was among those at the meeting. friday storms sent people rushing for supplies of gas, food and also flashlights. but there is something else that took a hard hit. and now the red cross says they need blood. the need for blood donations is even more urgent. we'll be right back. e5ñé
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giving blood is something a lot of us mean to do but time
6:44 am
gets away from us. >> beth parker as a report. >> reporter: when you see a sign like this one, you is should give it some thought. what is happening upstars in this building could save a life. last week the american red cross issued a nationwide emergency appeal. >> we are really in a very desperate kind of a situation right now. >> reporter: the blood supply was running low and the 4th of july holiday would not help. they had gotten people's attention though. >> locally, we were starting to build momentum. >> reporter: then came this. >> many of our blood drives and two of our donor crept are actually experienced power outages. >> people at home without power didn't make it in to dope ate even at sites that were open. >> i was walking to work. i walked past the science and i knew that i had heard on the news a you couple of times that we are having a blood shortage
6:45 am
so i made the time. >> i get telephone calls. the red cross pursues me like no man ever has. >> she laughs but donors understand how serious and important blood donation is. >> about 26 years ago right after i delivered my youngest daughter, i needed four units myself and some emergency surgery. i might not have been around to raise that daughter and see my grandkids. >> if you would like to make a droppation, can you visit our web site, and we'llling you to a list of donation centers. let's talk a little bit about baseball today. nats and giants go back at it today. first pitch at 11:05 this morning. last night's game, secondenning, danny espinoza gets ahold of this one and it goes off the wall to score a run. later in the inning, jordan zimmerman helped his own cause to drive in another run. that when you know you got it
6:46 am
good when the pitcher is hitting the ball. you know air in good shape. the nats blew if open with a two-run homer in the third. the nat win this one 9-3. coming up in the next hour, tucker barnes and dave ross be with more on today's holiday match-up. >> that is why we're joined by tony perkins now to do weather because tucker is making his way down there still. >> yes, indeed. we'll hear from tucker in a little bit but let's jump right in. couple of rain showers up to the north. we'll start with hd radar. we've seen a little bit of thunderstorm activity near frederick, maryland and hagerstown. we are conning to monitor this and watch it. -- we are continuing to monitor this and watch t it is breaking up as it heads town here. there is that little blip that we are talking about. you can see up near hagerstown, we saw a little bit of high-def everactivity. as it moves down towards frederick, it is lessening.
6:47 am
not much happening there now. one little blip there. if you are in frederick, be aware. you are probably already aware. we are getting a little rain and i heard a little bit of thunder. most of this will break up before it gets as far south as d.c. let's take a look at the heat advisory as we go to max 2. heat advisory in effect for the area. goes into effect at noon today. lasts until 9:00. all of the countries you see here in washington are on the map including washington, d.c. and in baltimore. all of the surrounding area. it will feel like it is over 100 degrees today. hence, that heat advisory. temperatures across the region, here is what we're looking at. partly sunny skies. maybe a thunderstorm or two during the afternoon and evening hours. as far as your high temperatures go, 9 # degrees in the district. 99 in baltimore. -- 98 degrees in the district. the heat wave continues. the heat intensifies this
6:48 am
weekend. i say intensifies. that means it goes up a degree or two really. friday, we believe 100. saturday, close to t here we go again. sunday, 95 with a chance of some thunderstorms. best chance of thunderstorms during the next five days is actually today. about a 30% chance. >> time for ask the weather guy. it is the segment where tucker barnes and put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from jefferine douglas. if a military employee gives birth to a child abroad while on deployment, will the child meet eligibility to run for president considering the child was born outside the u.s.? also, does that child become a dual citizen of the u.s. and the country they are born in. >> this is a good question.
6:49 am
>> yeah, good question. this actually came up relatively recently with john mccain. the whole issue of who can become president does now and then become an issue because of -- in the constitution, it says that only a person who is a natural born citizen of the united states is eligible to become president. that was the intent of the founding fathers we believe based on some letters was to prevent a foreigner from becoming the president of the united states. states. what natural born actually means, well, the constitution doesn't clearly define that. but it is generally regarded to mean someone who is born on united states land in the united states and it has also been taken to mean in a u.s. territory or on a military base. we showed the picture of john mccain. this was raised when john mccain was running for
6:50 am
president first in 1999 and then in 2008. some people said well, is he qualified because john mccain was born on a military base in the panama canal zone to u.s. sill citizen military employees. generally speaking, people thought about it. he hired a legal scholar and others did and everyone determined yes, he is qualified. >> because of the mill base. >> it was a military base. his parents are u.s. citizen and who were serving the country and therefore, he is a u.s. citizen. but, the concept of natural born, believe it or not, has never been definitively tested in our courts. some say it has to go to the supreme court. some say the constitution should be amended to make it clear contactually what we mean. but generally speaking, for a child who is born to a u.s. citizen who is serving in the military, they are considered
6:51 am
naturally born citizen. now, does that child become a dual citizen of the u.s. and the host country? that depends on the rules of the host country. they are automatically u.s. citizen. whether or not they become a citizen of wherever, whatever country they're in, depends on the rules of that country. >> a lot of red tape. >> it is all very, very interesting. generally speaking, this is from the citizen -- this from some legal place. it doesn't actually say here. there are three ways to become a citizen of the united states. birth in the u.s. or u.s. territories, birth outside of the u.s. to parents who are u.s. citizens and naturalization. a child porn overseas may also be i au.s. citizen in one or both of its parents are citizens. that determines that. children born overseas have to meet certain requirements to gain citizenship but one would be if one or both of your parents are u.s. citizen. so there you go. child's parents should right-
6:52 am
hand sister the birth at a u.s. embass you or consulate. for u.s. military personnel and their dependents, the report is file through the military personnel office. so there you go. -- the child's parents should register the birth at a u.s. embassy or consulate. >> even if it is not a military base -- if you are born to a u.s. citizen, you are a u.s. citizen. >> whether you are born in london or a military base. >> that is the simple answer. thank you for the question. for those of you wondering why aren't you mentioning the president or others, we are talking about the children of military officers. but the whole natural born thing does come up periodically. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> we probably didn't want to wade into those territories, that territory either about the president. >> i was prepared. >> just in case. >> let's just stick to the military. >> that would take us in
6:53 am
another direction. probably would require more time. >> yes, it would. >> far more people in here to discuss. let's tuck with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. >> i understand the whole thing about being born but tony, my brother tells me i just came with the milk when the milkman dropped off the milk. what does that make me? >> i don't know what that makes you. >> the mystery continues in my family as well, trust me. that has been the ongoing question because my brother is very tall, almost 6' 6". >> here is what i would suggest. to clear it all up, i think your frank sinatra should have a conversation with the milkman. >> i think tony is right on that. >> uh-oh. >> as a third party up here, i'm going to abstain and not make any comment at all. >> smart, wisdom. all right. tony was mentioning this this
6:54 am
morning. a little bit of wet pavement to deal with eastbound on i-70. we are checking for accident activity possibly involving an overturned vehicle before you reach 270. big tell biotechnology industry organization going to happen later on today. -- big celebration going to happen later on today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> party with the president. holly y is live at mount vernon to show us how the his texas home is welcoming crowds for a celebration like no other. >> can't wait. be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
6:55 am
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6:57 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. happy july 4th to you. what better place to celebrate than at the home of our first president. that's why we came to mount vernon this morning. as you can manage, they have
6:58 am
lots of fun things planned. we're going to check out things that are new and different that you have not seen. we'll start with hospitality here at the visitors center. on display only through tomorrow is martha washington's cookbook. and we're going to talk about what the president ate for breakfast. he loves these hoe cakes, swimming in butter and honey. we'll talk about that. he apparently really liked ice cream. we're going to learn how to make ice cream 18th century style this morning. they'll be doing those demonstrations as well for all the visitors who come out. they're going to have free birth did i cakes while supplies last. and they have 100 people that are going to become u.s. citizens and a special naturalization ceremony that's going to be going on today. we will give you all the
6:59 am
information that you need to know. come out here and celebrate the 4th of july here in mount vernon. oh, apparently, the general loves bourbon coffee. there was a reason why he is my favorite president. >> >> hot takes and bourbon coffee? i love it. >> sierra says she cannot go one morning without watching fox 5. hopefully had you a chance to sleep in for the who will day we hope so. get on the air, shout out, log on to our facebook page and leave your comment of sierra. >> is she in the water? >> yes. >> that's a model photo there. >> let's send it over to allison and tony to carry things on. happy independence day to both of you. >> to you, breaking overnight a tragic

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